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Thai Me Up

Oh Phuket- how you have changed in all the ways I thought you would. This is my third time to this Thai tourist haven, the first in 2004, the day the tsunami hit. The second in 2008 with little brother Ming, and now in 2012 with the Tender Trio.

From Singapore, getting to Phuket is cheap and easy. You no longer require a visa to enter Thailand either, so the process is very seamless. It is, however, teaming with people ready to rip you off and take advantage of many peoples first visit to the country.

From the airport, a taxi should be about THB700, or you can take a shuttle which is about THB450 per person. The drive is about 45 minutes to Patong, depending on the traffic.

We are staying at the Bel Aire Resort (THB2500/night, including breakfast). It is two blocks from the insanity of Bang La, and two blocks from Patong Beach. It's clean, has air conditioning and we get clean towels every day. Deluxe in our books, but again- its all relative!

With 3 full days in Patong, we have planned to do an excursion to Pha Nga and Hong Island, spend a day on the beach and another exploring.

After traveling for what seemed to be days, we opted to have dinner and pack it in. We chose Savoey for dinner- their fresh seafood on display was just too tempting, and was enough for us to overlook the steep price tag. The Tom Yum was delish, the seafood cocktail was catch of the day fresh, and the papaya salad was a welcome addition to the table as we are all so excited to be able to eat raw veg again!!

After hearing "maaaahhhsssage" or "yes shopping, cheap price" several dozen times on our three block walk back to the hotel- we are ready to sleep until we wake up. Finally- we'll be in one place for longer than two nights.

Tired in Thailand,

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