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Function over Fashion? Blasphemy.


Anxiety in its purest form

Tonight the packing began. Now I will admit that I have an abnormal phobia of packing. Although I wouldn't classify myself as being high maintenance, I like to match. I like my shoes and my handbags. I like my dangly earrings and big thick bangles. But now not only do I have to pack for 6 weeks in a backpack... I need to pack for conservative India, trekking Nepal, outrageous Thailand, and lethargic Lombok. How on earth am I going to manage this?

The picture clearly shows the disaster that ensued. I think it is likely that this post is a rant and I will give an official "definitely don't forget this" list sometime in mid March.... There needs to be a post from someone as shallow as me worrying about fashion and meds in India and Nepal (it's not like it's the Moon, right??)

So to start I think I've got the personal hygiene and emergency medical supplies all covered off. Everything from extra strength Tylenol to melatonin and pepto tabs. I've got it covered. To keep things simple, B, Kitten and I are dividing up these items for the trip. No sense in bringing three of everything. I however have a complete inability to estimate the volume of product I will require for 6 weeks (other than hair spray of course). So we're either going to run out of everything or it will weigh us all down for the entire trip.

On a fashion/function perspective: I have not even thought about accessories. Ok, I'll take some earrings and I'll likely wear my LNL pendant. But that's all (for now). I am reasonably certain I have narrowed my footwear down to 4 pairs: hikers, thongs, nikes, flats, metallic sandals (oops... that's 5!!). I have managed to find two chiffon dresses which should be light and conservative enough for India and Nepal... Also included, several more fun (and less length) numbers for Phuket... Conserving some fashion here.

There are piles of lululemon in my pack however. Tights, jackets, tanks, sports bras, scarves, long sleeves.... Now I love lulu. I own way too much of it. I don't however consider it to be "fashion". Lulu is stylish, but it's function. At home, unless I am at the rink or gym, you will not see me in lululemon on a Thursday night at Una. So this has been my compromise... An expensive one, but I am willing to take this one for the team.

Last... My anxiety cooled when I realized- I get to cherry pick from the packs of two very savy fashionista's... Blondey and Ging and I have swapped a tank or three in our time, so I will say that my number one accessory for my fashion sanity for this trip, is going to be their backpacks.

8 more sleeps...
xo L

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