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Another train ride, another game of cards, and we're now in Jaipur. Our hotel is a beautiful old palace (Bissau Palace), carefully decorated and preserved, it is a romantic little spot hidden in the alleys of Jaipur.

After getting in quite late last night, B and I sat up and had a few Kingfisher's with Chewy and his cousin (who is also a tour leader). We chatted until 2 am, asking Chewy questions about Indian culture and his life as a man in India. Talking about these things spurs so many different thoughts, and challenges you to understand your own traditions, customs and way of life. Religious or not, we all have beliefs that we feel strongly about- these conversations have helped us better understand our values, and appreciate the fortunes that are afforded to us as women living in Canada.

We have also decided that we are going to stay an extra night in Delhi. Skinny, G6 and Curly are in Delhi for four nights after the tour ends, the Norwegians leave Monday to Bangkok, and Chewy will be on a 15 day break starting Sunday. Needless to say we have a few cats to chill with, and it will be nice not to have to be in Delhi for an afternoon and then have to pack up and leave first thing Sunday.

So, Jaipur. To start the day, the Ging left our lovely room for three to have coffee while we finished getting ready. B and i went to leave.... And Ging had locked us into our room! After some confusion, then pushing and banging and yelling for someone to come open the latch that had us jailed in- B jumped out the window into the alley and saved the day. Oh Ging Cat.

After an orientation walk in the morning we headed off to the City Palace. Jaipur is known as the "pink city" as pink is considered a welcoming color, and a previous ruler made the call to make everything pink. It isn't super noticeably pink, but after being told this little tidbit I can see what Chewy is saying. We toured the Palace with a local guide- who spoke the fastest, most mumbled English we've encountered... So unfortunately the only interesting fact I have about this spot is that one of the Rulers was 7 feet tall and 250kg. His robes were on display and looked more like table cloths than clothing.


After, we headed to the Amber Fort, about 10km from the city. Considered to be "old Jaipur", the Fort is surrounded by a 12km wall. G6 claims it looks like the Great Wall of China (however he has never seen the Great Wall, so this is obviously unconfirmed). Although the Fort was impressive in size, structure and decor, by far the best part was our guide. A tiny Indian man who spoke clear and slow English. The catch was that he would pick one person for each explanation, stare directly at them and ask (repeatedly) if you understood/see what he's pointing at or want your picture taken. The Brits were in stitches about it, and just watching them try not to giggle about this little man was enough to put everyone into a bit of a laughing mood.

The Amber Fort

The "picture in the mirror" ha!

We had lunch at Moti Mahal with the Brits. It was a delightful meal- the food is getting a bit spicier, which is fantastic. Thali has become one of the stock favorites for us because it is easy to try and comes with several different curries and naan/roti/chapati/rice.

The Cricket has been on and the Aussies have been chirping at Chewy about the Indian team. Tonight is a big game between Australia and Sri Lanka, and in order for India to advance, Australia needs to win. Needless to say the banter was slower today- as they were cheering for the same team. Driving back to the hotel in our tuk tuk, men are crowded around any shop front with a television, watching the game and letting out the occasional cheer (or fist pump). Some things are the same everywhere- sport has the ability to bring a nation together, no matter what the game.

The three of us discovered the abandoned rooftop restaurant at the hotel, and had a bit of a dance off as the sun went down. G6 and Skinny were quite resourceful in getting us some evening pops, and the group of us sat around outside enjoying the fresh air, good music and great conversation.

Tomorrow is the train to Delhi... Our last stop in India.

Wishing time would slow down,
The Three Monkeys

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