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Sunrise and Train Rides

Sunrises anywhere are a welcome treat when traveling. And mornings for the three of us have been when we are at our prime (mind you we do the least amount of sleeping of anyone on this trip). We set out for sunrise on the Ganges first thing this morning. It is noticeably more quiet in the morning, however the usual suspects are still out trolling the streets- but this morning there was an elephant strolling through. It's starting to become less of a novelty to see all the creatures about...

Sunrise was a sight to see over the river. Just such a peaceful time.

Sunrise on the Ganges

The Ghats in the morning time

As promised- we hit up Phulwari (coming from the ghats, take your first right at the circle with the Baba Blacksheep sign. It is on the right about 50m in, in a courtyard, the face of the building is quite ornate. There were gentlemen selling yarn out front of it when we were there). After porridge with banana and pomegranate, boiled eggs, banana pancake, and a side of peanut butter for Ging (a lovely treat that she has been missing given her reaction!!) we decided that our mission for the day was to head to a silk factory as Chewy had told us that Varanasi is known for their silk work.

The lovely G6 really hit his stride his first day in India as he realized that his Hindi was much more fluent than he had thought it was going to be. Given this- he had managed to find a small shop in the bazaar (read: a lovely old gentleman's home) where he bough silk bed covers yesterday. We met up with him, Skinny and Curly to go check it out as we had tried to find some after breakfast and had gotten (a little) lost again. After a couple of chais sitting cross legged on the floor of this man's "shop", we had found what we were looking for...

We decided to return the favor to the boys by suggesting they come with us for dinner before our train to Orchha (an overnight train, so we figured we should have a bit of a feed before). It is becoming quite apparent to us that we seem to find a place in each city we are in that we latch on to. In Varanasi- its Phulwari. As predicted we order chana masala, palak paneer and a mixed veg curry. G6 orders ungodly amounts of food; Curly keeps it consistent with more pakora and Skinny has been sick for a few days and is only consuming processed white grain products. As explained to us by Chewy, liquor licenses in India are quite expensive, so most restaurants do not serve any alcohol. Not that we were after any- but just as a heads up.

Things got interesting after dinner. The Aussie Trio had made no secret of the fact that #1 the streets were a little hectic to navigate (the three of us are now seasoned pros we have been up and down this road so many times) and #2 they have zero interest in walking back to the hotel to head to the train. So as quickly as they decided that- we left, on thinking we had 30 minutes to hike back to meet the rest of the group.

The traffic was pure mayhem. Rush hour on steroids. Everything and everyone on any mode of transport possible piled together, beeping their horns. The three of us crawled over rickshaws, pushed through crowds, and snuck by the token cow n the middle of the madness. When we finally got to "our street" the traffic seemed to clear and we were able to stop at a cart to try out (and buy) cookies which looked and tasted much like biscotti. At this point- B brought it to our attention that the clock at the restaurant was wrong... We had 3 minutes to complete our journey, which was about a 15 minute walk away. Famous last words? L: "Moto-rickshaw?" B "Nope. Run."

So off we went. The three of us in our flip flops, with half a kilo of cookies, running through the streets of Varanasi. Now if we thought we were getting stared at before, we had no idea. The only thing stranger than 3 Caucasian girls in Varanasi is 3 of them running through the streets weaving in and out of people, around bicycles, passing rickshaws, all while laughing and carrying on about how ridiculous we must seem to all of these people. We made it back just past 5pm, but the Aussies... were no where in sight. Assuming every man for themselves is fine until you realize that three men might miss the train to Orchha and be stuck in Varanasi because you tried to be nice and take them to eat somewhere out of the ordinary.

Good news is: they appeared, only a little late. They had turned in completely the wrong direction when they got to the main street and luckily had the sense to catch a rickshaw to get them back to the hotel. Even better news: the Traveling Trio is now kicking ass and taking names in India.

Off to Orchha,
L, B & the Ging

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So glad you all are safe and having a blast all is well with Dad

by Jenny

haha... G6... i enjoy that alot

by mahala

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